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Adam Roth: Owner

Like many of my peers in southwestern Pennsylvania, I grew up hunting and shooting guns. I would enjoy tinkering and modifying anything I owned as a kid, whether it was making my own toys or modifying my own hockey equipment. The hands on, creative side was there from the beginning.

In the summer of 2011 I was working midnight shift in a coal mine (it was as fun as it sounds), and I was thinking about various forms of gear loadout and ammo carriage for various long guns of mine (anything to let my brain wander and help keep me awake in the wee hours of the morning). The AR15 loadout was simple enough to accomplish, however there was not a decent solution for carrying more ammunition for a shotgun- whether it be for military or law enforcement role, or simply as a civilian attending a defensive shotgun class. I had recently seen the Velcro/elastic options for shell carriers only a couple months before this, but didn’t love the idea. In the mine we dealt with industrial strength Velcro all the time (gloves, leg bands, vests, etc). I experienced first hand how quickly Velcro could fail, especially as it becomes dirty. I thought there needed to be a mechanical solution for a detachable shell carrier, and the concept for the Quick-Detach Carrier was born.

Fast forward to today and the Q-DC has become one of the highest regarded side saddles on the market. The continual improvement has spanned beyond the initial idea resulting in a line of innovative, high quality shotgun accessories.


What does the Q-DC offer that Velcro carriers don’t?

The nature of detachable carriers, like a magazine from a pistol or carbine, has them inevitably landing on the ground. Velcro wears out more quickly when it is dirty. Additionally, Velcro can become clogged with dirt, mud, snow, etc. when it hits the ground, and may have issues sticking. When consulting with a SWAT team on the development of the Q-DC, one member said “It’s not a matter of if things will snag on your gear, it’s a matter of, ‘is it strong enough to pull through the snag when it does.'” If a Velcro carrier snags on gear and the user pulls through the snag, the Velcro carrier may fall off. The Q-DC has been thoroughly tested by SWAT and snagging was not an issue.Because the loop portion of Velcro is attached to the shotgun’s receiver using adhesive, this can cause issues in hot climates, especially if the gun is left in a vehicle.Placement of Velcro carriers, especially when done quickly, will not give a consistent angle or location to load shells from.Finally, the elastic used for shell retention on Velcro carriers can wear out and not hold shells securely, especially if carrying the shells brass down.

Will the Aridus Stock Adapter work on _____ shotgun? Will it work with different stocks?

The Aridus Stock Adapter for the Beretta 1301/ Magpul Mossberg SGA will work on some other Beretta semi-auto shotguns, like the 12g 391. This is because they share the same receiver/stock interface as well as the same recoil system. Nearly every other semi-automatic shotgun out there has a recoil assembly that goes into the stock. This makes it impossible to use an adapter with a different stock.

While the ASA will technically interface with other Mossberg stocks, the custom hardware it comes with is specifically designed around the Magpul SGA and will not work with other Mossberg stocks.

Will you ever make a Beretta 1301 or Benelli M4 specific Q-DC?

While it is possible, it is not on the radar. Truth be told, the Universal Q-DC has far surpassed expectations. The 3m double sided tape has proven to be every bit as reliable as hardware mounted Q-DCs. Pair that with other unique and specific challenges of hard mounting to those guns, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Do you offer military/law enforcement discounts?

Yes. We offer 12% off MSRP of all available items for military and law enforcement. Email us at info@aridusindustries.com from a .mil or .gov email address to request a one time use coupon code. If emailing us from a non .mil/.gov email, you must include a copy of your ID to receive the one time use coupon code. You can still place orders in the future and receive a discount, but you will need to email us again to receive a new code.

Contributors' Page


A sincere “thank you” to those who contributed to the campaign to help us make our dream a reality. Through orders and donations, the contributors helped us raise money toward our injection mold for the Q-DC, our flagship product.

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