What does the Q-DC offer that Velcro carriers don’t?

The nature of detachable carriers, like a magazine from a pistol or carbine, has them inevitably landing on the ground. Velcro wears out more quickly when it is dirty. Additionally, Velcro can become clogged with dirt, mud, snow, etc. when it hits the ground, and may have issues sticking. When consulting with a SWAT team on the development of the Q-DC, one member said “It’s not a matter of if things will snag on your gear, it’s a matter of, ‘is it strong enough to pull through the snag when it does.'” If a Velcro carrier snags on gear and the user pulls through the snag, the Velcro carrier may fall off. The Q-DC has been thoroughly tested by SWAT and snagging was not an issue.

Because the loop portion of Velcro is attached to the shotgun’s receiver using adhesive, this can cause issues in hot climates, especially if the gun is left in a vehicle.

Placement of Velcro carriers, especially when done quickly, will not give a consistent angle or location to load shells from.

Finally, the elastic used for shell retention on Velcro carriers can wear out and not hold shells securely, especially if carrying the shells brass down.

It looks bulky and heavy, how much does it weigh?

The Receiver Adapter for both Remington and Mossberg models weighs 2.9 oz. Each Carrier weighs 4.9 oz. The combined weight of the complete Q-DC is 7.8 oz.

What have the beta testers said about the Q-DC?

“The only legit hard mount unit around.”  -Steve Fisher, Sentinel Concepts

“If you want a rigid side-saddle shell carrier for your shotgun, and buy anything OTHER than the Q-DC, you’re wrong.”  -John Johnston, Ballistic Radio

“First live fire session with the Q-DC was during an MDTS Practical Shotgun Skills 1 course conducted on 6/6 in Westhampton Beach, NY. This is a beach range comprised nearly 100% of sand and mild-moderate consistent wind. The Q-DC performed well in these conditions even after dropping the carriers repeatedly in the sand and dirt. The quick-detach latch did not experience any problems with impingement due to sand and grit. This differs from other carriers, specifically the hook-and-loop type shell carriers, as the sand and fine dirt tends to diminish the adherence of the hook-and-loop panels over a days time. This was not experienced with the Q-DC.”   -Chris Fry, MDTS Training

“This testing was run in full SWAT kit doing room entry drills.  Rather than reloading every time the gun went empty, I was transitioning to a sidearm, many times the Q-DC absorbing the impact with my trauma plate and spare magazines as I released the shotgun to transition.  The Q-DC never malfunctioned and never fell loose from impact.  Once a room was clear I would reload from the Q-DC then replace the empty Q-DC with a completely loaded Q-DC.  I ran all testing brass down and never had a round fall out from recoil or impact during transitions.” – Member of SWAT entry team

It’s durable, it’s simple, and most importantly, it’s fast. Really, really fast.”
-Taylor Zook, Almost Tactical Reviews

“It does exactly what its supposed to do, best side saddle Ive ever used. No warping or inconsistent position like cheap elastic and velcro ones. Its rugged as a one piece unit but can be changed out faster, easier, and with consistent index unlike a velcro one. Its not just the best of both worlds, its pretty much better than either of the current options out there in all aspects.”   -Shawn Lupka, Anti-Fragile Training

Will you make the Q-DC for any other models?

Yes! We are currently testing a Universal model that uses double sided tape to stick to the side of the gun. The adhesive in the tape has a working temperature of -30f to +230f. The Universal Receiver Adapter has a large cutout to clear the most common placed action pins so the user can still easily disassemble the shotgun. While testing has exceeded all expectations, we still need to test it in cold weather. Assuming the testing goes well, we should be releasing it after the new year.

Do you offer military/law enforcement discounts?

 Yes. We offer 12% off MSRP of all available items for military and law enforcement. Email us at info@aridusindustries.com from a .mil or .gov email address to request a one time use coupon code. If emailing us from a non .mil/.gov email, you must include a copy of your ID to receive the one time use coupon code. You can still place orders in the future and receive a discount, but you will need to email us again to receive a new code.