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Owner: Adam Roth

In the summer of 2011 I was working midnight shift in a coal mine (it was as fun as it sounds), and I was thinking about various forms of gear loadout and ammo carriage for various long guns of mine (anything to let my brain wander and help keep me awake in the wee hours of the morning). The AR15 loadout was simple enough to accomplish, however there was not a decent solution for carrying more ammunition for a shotgun- whether it be for military or law enforcement role, or simply as a civilian attending a defensive shotgun class. I had recently seen the Velcro/elastic options for shell carriers only a couple months before this, but didn’t love the idea. In the mine we dealt with industrial strength Velcro all the time (gloves, leg bands, vests, etc). I experienced first hand how quickly Velcro could fail, especially as it becomes dirty. I thought there needed to be a mechanical solution for a detachable shell carrier, and the concept for the Quick-Detach Carrier was born.

Superior Design

Our company is all about creating high-quality, innovative gear for guns, especially shotguns. We’ve spent years working with professional shooters to understand what they need. They’ve taught us a lot about what works best in real-life situations, not just in theory.

Our designs are smart because they come from real experience and a deep understanding of what shooters need to perform their best. We’re proud to say that our gear is built to last, easy to use, and really innovative. We think outside the box to solve problems that others haven’t been able to fix. Our Quick-Detach Carrier is just one example of how we’re changing the game in the firearms industry. We’re committed to quality, innovation, and ingenuity, making sure shooters have the best tools to support their skills.

Designed for Your Shotgun

Our featured products, all proudly designed and made in the USA, showcase the momentum of innovation we bring to the firearms industry, specifically tailored for your shotgun. Each item in our lineup is crafted with a sharp focus on quality, ensuring that every piece meets our high standards before it reaches you.

From the groundbreaking Quick-Detach Carrier to our latest innovations, every product is designed for your shotgun, offering unmatched reliability and performance. Our meticulous quality assurance process guarantees that what you’re getting is not just gear, but a promise of durability, efficiency, and excellence. We’re here to revolutionize how you carry and use your shotgun, with every product reflecting our commitment to innovation and quality, made right here in the USA.