What does the Q-DC offer that Velcro carriers don’t?

The nature of detachable carriers, like a magazine from a pistol or carbine, has them inevitably landing on the ground. Velcro wears out more quickly when it is dirty. Additionally, Velcro can become clogged with dirt, mud, snow, etc. when it hits the ground, and may have issues sticking. When consulting with a SWAT team on the development of the Q-DC, one member said “It’s not a matter of if things will snag on your gear, it’s a matter of, ‘is it strong enough to pull through the snag when it does.'” If a Velcro carrier snags on gear and the user pulls through the snag, the Velcro carrier may fall off. The Q-DC has been thoroughly tested by SWAT and snagging was not an issue.

Because the loop portion of Velcro is attached to the shotgun’s receiver using adhesive, this can cause issues in hot climates, especially if the gun is left in a vehicle.

Placement of Velcro carriers, especially when done quickly, will not give a consistent angle or location to load shells from.

Finally, the elastic used for shell retention on Velcro carriers can wear out and not hold shells securely, especially if carrying the shells brass down.

It looks bulky and heavy, how much does it weigh?

The Receiver Adapter for both Remington and Mossberg models weighs 2.9 oz. Each Carrier weighs 4.9 oz. The combined weight of the complete Q-DC is 7.8 oz.

What models does the Universal Q-DC work with?

The Universal Q-DC uses die cut 3m double sided tape to attach to the side of most semi-auto shotguns including the Beretta 1301 (Tactical and Competition models), Benelli M2 and M4, Remington Versamax, Mossberg 930, etc. 

Can I trust the tape on the Universal Q-DC?

Absolutely. The double sided tape is rated for -30f to +230f. If your receiver is cerakoted it is important that you scuff the surface (just enough to take the shine off) with a scotchbrite pad. Cerakote is very slick and failure to scuff the surface could lead to the tape not sticking properly. 

The Carrier in my Q-DC is a little bit loose. Is this normal?

Yes! Early versions were designed with tighter clearance but this led to seating issues. As empty carriers hit the ground in training they accumulate dirt. Even a little bit of dirt is enough to begin to interfere with tight clearances. Early users noticed it became increasingly difficult to ensure Carriers were fully seated in the Q-DC Base. Because of this, we increased the clearance between parts. This leads to a little bit of intentional play in the carrier and does not negatively affect performance in any way. 

Will the stock adapter work for models besides the Beretta 1301? Will you make it for other models?

The stock adapter and custom hardware are designed specifically for the Beretta 1301 and the Mossberg version of the Magpul SGA stock. It will not work with other guns or stocks. Most semi auto shotguns have part of the recoil assembly going into the stock which makes it impossible to use an adapter with.

Will the Aimpoint and RMR CROMs work for any other optics?

There are other optics that share the footprints. For an Aimpoint Micro alternative, we suggest the Primary Arms Microdot. For an RMR alternative, we suggest the Holosun 507c. 

Will the 1301T CROM work with Competition models?

No. The Tactical and Competition models use different hole spacing in the receiver.

The YT-1301 Latch and Shroud is not compatible with the Gen 2 1301T. How do I know if the YT-1301 is compatible with my gun?

The Gen1 has a plastic, rounded rectangular bolt release with vertical lines and a visible screw at the back. The Gen2 has a metal bolt release with a rubber cover and no visible screw.