4 Round Universal Q-DC

$ 185.00

The Momentum of Innovation

4 Round Universal Q-DC

The new 4 Round Universal Q-DC is the most versatile Q-DC so far. It is compatible with most semi and pump action shotguns. Due to the shortened length, it can be placed further forward on the receiver to clear a wider range of trigger plate pins as well as allowing more space for left handed shooters

Utilizing Very High Bond 3M double sided tape, the adhesive has an operating temperature or -30f to +230f, so you don’t have to worry about it failing due to temperature extremes. The Universal Q-DC Base has a large cutout to allow access to pins so the user can still disassemble their shotgun. Designed to fit the Beretta 1301, Benelli M2 & M4, Mossberg 930, and many others.

The Universal Q-DC comes with one (1) Universal Q-DC Base and one (1) Detachable Carrier.

Made in the U.S.A

5.48 oz

*ATTENTION: Certain finishes, such as Cerakote, may be too slick for the tape to properly stick to. For best results, use a Scotch Bright pad to scuff the finish where the Q-DC will be placed. Be sure to wipe off excess dust and degrease the receiver per the instructions. 

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