Detachable Carrier 10 Pack

$ 420.00

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Detachable Carrier 10 Pack

Whether you’ve got multiple Q-DCs you need to supply, or you’re looking to stock up with great pricing, we’ve got you covered!

The Detachable Carrier is compatible with Remington, Mossberg, and Universal Receiver Adapters. With an aluminum back plate providing metal-on-metal contact points, and stainless steel springs for shell retention, these carriers will offer outstanding performance in the worst of conditions. Designed to fit in a variety of readily available AR-15 magazine pouches, ammo carriage for the shotgun has never been easier. The overhanging tab at the rear of each Carrier both protects the latch from snags, and aids in Carrier removal. The grooves at the rear of the carrier provide both visual and tactile indication of the orientation of the carrier, making it easier to correctly mount in the Receiver Adapter. Currently only available for 12g.

Weight: 4.9 oz each

Made in the U.S.A.


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